New 90s Games
Based in Atlanta, Georgia

Founding date:
Jan 1, 2013


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Neon The Ninja

930 Howell Mill Rd.
Apt 1502
Atlanta, GA 30318



We're More of a Garage Band then a Studio.


Neon the Ninja started as a little game made by a punk rock drummer (and developer) who simply loves games. Over time, Neon became a big game made by that same punk rock drummer but now with the help of a punk rock singer (and teacher/writer) and a punk rock guitarist (and professional composer). A band had formed. That band hopped in the van and played its first major gig at PAX East in Boston. With the incredible help of the drummer's wonderful partner as well as three very dear friends, they humbly set up a booth and waited to see if anyone would notice. People noticed.

Modern Look, Retro Feel: Our Ethos

The team now also includes a swell voice actor for Neon, and we're ready to take the show on tour. With the game gearing up for its world tour, we want to tell you all about our development ethos: "Modern Look, Retro Feel" We’re going to be completely honest here: We love retro games. Not in some “seven-year-old kid born in 2008 playing Super Mario Bros. for the first time” kinda’ way, either. We lived retro games - cutting our teeth on NES, SNES, Genesis, Saturn, PS1, etc. - before those systems were “retro.” Back when they were just video game systems. Though we love retro video games, we recognize that re-creating every aspect of 1980s and 90s games isn’t what we want to do. Meaning: the action platformers of the 1980s and early 1990s weren’t designed to have “pixel art and chiptunes.” Pixel art and chiptunes were simply the tools available to the developers at the time. Instead of trying to re-create the audio/visual aesthetic of our beloved retro games, then, we’re focusing on achieving the SPIRIT of classic games like Ninja Gaiden and Mega Man while using the modern tools of Wacom tablets and real musical instruments. Thus, the philosophy of “MODERN LOOK, RETRO FEEL.” What does “retro feel” mean? For us, it’s a design philosophy centered on easy-to-access but difficult-to-master gameplay. Neon the Ninja won’t be an intimidating game to simply pick up and play, but it will require the player learning how to quickly use stealth abilities. All in due time, though. The game doesn’t ask you to rely upon complex skills until you’ve encountered them in low-risk situations. Retro feel means an emphasis on having fun and rewarding skillful play, rather than an emphasis on enduring long tutorials and collecting every irrelevant trinket in the level. Retro feel means tight platforming, impactful combat, and over-the-top character. Retro feel means fun.



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Awards & Recognition

    Selected Articles

    • "This sneaky guy isn’t afraid to shine."
      - Addison Webb, Nintendo World Report
    • "Taking down an enemy often results in blood splatters that could make Tarantino jealous, and the stealth takedown is especially rewarding."
      - Eric Pepper, Analog Addiction
    • "The opening level and that first boss were a perfect introduction to the mechanics and it was easy to get excited."
      - Stephen Crane, Armed Gamer
    • "Neon the Ninja has a bright future ahead of it."
      - Lucas Smith, Entertainment Buddha

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Stu Phelps
    Director / Art / Code

    Chris Sinnott
    Music / SFX

    Matt Shivers
    Voice Actor





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